Team Immersion

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Team Immersion


Team Immersion


Align, Ascend and Transcend

Greater awareness at the level of team, provides possibly the greatest leveraging system we have access to as humans.  As individuals, I believe it’s our responsibility to grow into our highest selves to better serve in those areas of life most important to us and to those we surround ourselves with.

Yet, the proverbial question persists.  How do I obtain a connection to my unlimited potential, and sustain this as life throws its curve balls?  Communication, letting go of self- diminishing conversation and stepping into effective dialogue, more confidence, personal power and full self-expression that contributes to the team; this is our potential.

I assert the answer to this thirst lies within your brain.

If we want to create a new Self or let go of the Self that gets in the way of Being in our fullest potential, then we need to get energy into the part of the brain that will allow us to be Self-Aware…this is the first function of the frontal lobe to become self-aware.  Because we have metacognitive capabilities, the power to observe our own thoughts and self, we can decide how we no longer want to be….to think, act and feel.  This ability to self-reflect allows us to scrutinize ourselves and then plan to modify our behaviors so we can produce more enlightened or desirable outcomes.

Imagine a group immersion; members of a unified team all sharing the same mission and passion to see their goals to fruition.  Waking up to its greatest potential; together as a unified front – a collective energy that is exponentially greater than its individual units…now, this is quantum potential!

Structure for quantum potential: A Full Day Retreat

  • Classroom:  Building context, pondering intention, ascending current reality, clarity, and commitment

  • Hands-on activation:  6 participants receiving a hands-on protocol (see Higher Brain Living®) to wake up dormant energy in the body, and then directing this energy to the higher brain.

    • Transcending basic survival mechanisms.
    • Actualizing fullest potential through Soul Awareness
    • Utilizing a governing map for growth in 4 dimensions
  • Post Group HBL session:  Reflection and individual strategy

  • Close:  Coming together for renewal and group connection


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Take Some Time.  Discover Yourself. The World Needs All of You.

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My process of mindfulness incorporates the importance of taking the time to rewire the brain and considers physiology rather than simply repeating a mantra or telling someone to change their mindset using their mind. Rather than another cognitive approach to shifting mindset for increased productivity and results, my coaching and facilitating is experiential in nature, allowing for sustainable shifts,  or a brain first methodology.