Higher Brain Living®

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Higher Brain Living®


Higher Brain Living®


Indulgence for body and mind

Higher Brain Living® is a comprehensive program designed to bring someone into their fullest potential with “brain first” technology.  A gentle touch protocol intends latent energy up through the body into the pre-frontal cortex or Higher Brain.  This energy in the pre-frontal cortex starts being the driver of thoughts, thus releasing patterned conditions run by the autonomic nervous system and lower safety brain and resulting in an upgraded neurological architecture.

Why is this important?

The higher brain is responsible for emotional intelligence, it occupies the creative center of who we are, and is the brains CEO or decision-making apparatus.  The frontal lobe is the seat of our attention, focused concentration, awareness, observation, and consciousness.  It is where we speculate on possibilities, demonstrate firm intention, make conscious decisions, control impulsive and emotional behaviors and learn new things.

Below is a diagram illustrating how a session looks, with you lying on a massage table, and I as your facilitator tapping into certain locations on the body to have energy move in an organic looping mechanism to surge energy up to the higher brain.

The sessions are 45 minutes in length and have you feeling alive, energized and relaxed.


Complimentary Consult

Take Some Time.  Discover Yourself. The World Needs All of You.

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My process of mindfulness incorporates the importance of taking the time to rewire the brain and considers physiology rather than simply repeating a mantra or telling someone to change their mindset using their mind. Rather than another cognitive approach to shifting mindset for increased productivity and results, my coaching and facilitating is experiential in nature, allowing for sustainable shifts,  or a brain first methodology.