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High Achiever Packages

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High Achiever Packages


Release, Reroute and Recharge

Higher Brain Living® was given its name because ultimately, it provides a new way of life.  Like a muscle, if we don’t use this part of our brain and make a practice at energizing it every day, we can quickly go back into stress-based living.

Think of it like this, upgrading your operating system within your hard drive (your brain) so that your software (your thoughts) come from a heightened perspective with more clarity, focus, and speed.  Over time, and on a day-to-day basis, an upload is possible by a simple technique called HBEST, or Higher Brain Energy Surge Technique.

High Achievers realize, at a deepened level, that their individual growth is imperative in actualizing the best version of themselves, which in turn allows them to empower their teams. Like a gym membership, I’ve created 3 packages that allow leaders to choose how often they’d like to engage in Higher Brain Living® uploads.  They are platinum, gold, and silver and provide an opportunity for weekly, 3 times a month, or 2 times a month Higher Brain Living® sessions.

Reach your highest potential with a full-on commitment to your transformation, then learn how to engage this part of your brain on your own.  Your physiology becomes anchored through repetitive sessions, and as the higher brain comes online, we use this heightened awareness to assess your life in 4 dimensions; these being Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment.  If we are stuck in any of these areas, we are not living a fully authentic life, much less leading from a space of confidence, calm and ease.

Release, Reroute and Recharge your mind, body, and soul for life.  It is possible.


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Take Some Time.  Discover Yourself. The World Needs All of You.

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My process of mindfulness incorporates the importance of taking the time to rewire the brain and considers physiology rather than simply repeating a mantra or telling someone to change their mindset using their mind. Rather than another cognitive approach to shifting mindset for increased productivity and results, my coaching and facilitating is experiential in nature, allowing for sustainable shifts,  or a brain first methodology.