Sustainable Change: Using the Brain to Heal from Within

Sustainable Change: Using the Brain to Heal from Within

As human beings we have an innate desire to be the best version of ourselves, don’t we?  We are good boys and girls growing up in homes with good values, and yet there comes a time when the world isn’t what we thought it was, and we make it our fault.  Enter in defiance, constant negotiating, and feelings of being unhappy and bored.

This way of being then, unhappy, unfulfilled and bored, plays out in our lives until we end up in jobs that don’t satisfy us, partnerships and marriages that leave us undervalued and unheard, and quite frankly…A Life that is less than desirable.  The mechanisms that once worked to keep our life at bay and somewhat happy from time to time, keep running.  But, eventually, don’t fix the task at hand.  Our lives become breakdown after breakdown….and then wait, a breakthrough!  (like hitting the golf ball straight and long again finally!)  We get re-engaged and look for the next shiny object or experience to lift us up again.  This approach isn’t sustainable, and the state of our world is showing us that.

What if I told you It could be different?  What if I told you that you could have those happy, and might I add JOY filled moments every day?  And for longer periods of time?

Hello, my name is Michelle Smith, and I help passionate and committed people go from feeling overwhelmed with challenges to having more clarity, confidence, and calm.  They create the life that is meant to live by feeling connected to their purpose, seeing their life through a new lens and living it to its fullest.  I am a certified Master of Higher Brain Living® and a Heightened Empowerment Coach, and I’m here to tell you that you have everything you need to live in peace and confidence and that it just needs to be woken up.

The Science behind our work:

There is a latent energy potential in the body called prana, chi, or subtle energy that when activated with the right protocol, can be sent and directed to the higher centers of the brain; the pre-frontal cortex.  This energy while traveling through the body expands the heart open, loosens the grip of the primal safety brain, and then literally wakes up this dormant part of the brain.  Through the waking up of the pre-frontal cortex, stress is released in the body and can look like crying, stretching, moaning or all of the above.  I help people surrender to what’s being asked of them during this cleansing 45-minute session, and the result is a new perspective from a new up-leveling of the brain and an opening of the un-liberated heart.

You see, to the primal brain, sameness equals safety, and our same mechanisms we use to survive our days end up being the things we use to try and thrive.  The lower brain is running the ship and the higher brain is only being used 5% of it’s potential.  This needs to change in order to have lasting change in our lives.  An energized higher brain looks like confidence, peace, clarity, and calm.  It’s not that we don’t have these feelings, but truly ask yourself” how long do they last.”  This is where a new possibility awaits!

Take a moment and think about your very best day.  A day where the joy you were feeling couldn’t be disturbed even by the biggest annoyance.  For me, that was the birth of my children, especially my first child.   The world for me was different.  It was alive and vibrant and streaming with possibility and newness…I felt this in my heart.  Unfortunately, at that time 17 years ago, this state, although my birthright state, went away from me because of the undying stress in my world.   This isn’t made to sound doldrum as an in being a victim, we literally are inundated with chemical, environmental and emotional stress multiple times a day, and our bodies and brains take a toll.  Thank goodness there’s something we can do about it.

We are not stagnant beings.  As energy first, we are always moving…you could call it our electromagnetic signature.  Our thoughts and feelings create our personal reality.  And a personal reality is a personality.  Have you noticed that sometimes people have a sudden change in personality?  It is usually due to some outside circumstance.  Maybe they’re coming off a first date or maybe they just home from a hard day’s work.  All of this external experience can create who we are in an instant; our world affects our existence, and yet we have more power than we give ourselves credit for.

Power Perspectives

  • Consider that you are irreducible to 4 dimensions as a human being. These are Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment.  Take note of how you’re facilitating your best self within each of these.
  • Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself first. Tap in to the little version of you.  What do they need to hear?
  • Give thanks for things that bring you happiness. Do this by not only seeing the good in others but by telling them.
  • Think with your heart and less with your head. It is proven that we have neural tissue in our hearts.  I dare you to venture into your feelings for someone and be a listening for them.
  • To get something different, you need to do something different. Tap into any fears coming up for you when wanting to get out of your box.  The fears are here to guide you.
  • Consider that you’re more energy than physical form. How can you raise your vibration?

One last thought; you are not who you think you are.  Who you think you are is not really who you are.  There is an energy or essence if you will, that is yearning to be seen and heard.  What is it asking of you?  Are you willing to discover how your vibration affects the quality of your life?  I thought so.  Take a leap into your bright future, and create from a heightened brain state.  You got this.


My process of mindfulness incorporates the importance of taking the time to rewire the brain and considers physiology rather than simply repeating a mantra or telling someone to change their mindset using their mind. Rather than another cognitive approach to shifting mindset for increased productivity and results, my coaching and facilitating is experiential in nature, allowing for sustainable shifts,  or a brain first methodology.