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Imagine living with a constant stream of positive energy that flows into everything you do. It means more deeply connected relationships, peace of mind, full self-expression, and living with purpose. Thanks to three decades of research, we now have access to the missing link of self-development and the most newly developed portion of the brain, which gives us the key to long-term, sustainable change.

You don’t have to accept mediocrity. If you feel lost, stuck, or merely fine, but you’re thirsty for more, you can learn how to transform your life and live fearlessly through your Authentic Self.

Today is the day to reclaim your personal power.


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Several words around the word Dreams representing our goals in life: desires, passions, ambitions, hopes, aspirations, wishes

The Reason for Your Existence

“If you don’t know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is
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My Website is LIVE; Welcome to New Possibilities!

Living a life that is full of JOY every day means embracing all the things that make YOU
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How to Love Men

How to Love Men as a Woman When You Distrusted Them as a Girl There was a time in my life when I was not living my authentic self and it affected every relationship I was in. My father wasn’t around much when I was younger and for a long time, I wore that fact like a pair of sunglasses that shaded and dulled the world. It wasn’t just the feeling of being unloved, it was the feeling of being unworthy of love, which filtered my view of any other man that came in to my life after him. What I didn’t realize until a little over three years ago was that despite being married with a beautiful family, I was still viewing the world with the same eyes I had as a child, including the relationship I held with my supportive, loving husband. This filtered view of the world was limiting—I could only see what was in front of me and carried on throughout my day with a sense of purposelessness. I was so thirsty for things I didn’t know I needed, but which have completely changed my life. After being introduced to Higher Brain Living by a good friend of mine, I began to learn about the four dimensions of my life and how they affected each other. Those dimensions, Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment, are the fundamental building blocks of who we are and they play a huge part in how we achieve sustainable life transformation. Higher Brain Living teaches a revolutionary system which begins by accessing the parts of your life that limit you and associating them with your higher brain. Doing this, I learned how to engage and improve all four dimensions of my life, which led to a shift in focus from yearning for love from others to learning how to love myself. For years, I had blamed my father for our poor relationship, but what I didn’t realize until I began to discover my authentic self through Higher Brian Living was that I had kept my love from him just as I thought he had kept love from me. I learned how to move in to authenticity through forgiveness and compassion, and took full responsibility for how inauthentic I had been before. By strengthening the four dimensions of my life, I learned how to truly love myself and carry that love forward in to every relationship I held. Today, I am in a better place, with a healthy, prosperous marriage and a family I hold dear. I see my own self-love reflected in my children’s eyes and actions, and I see how living authentically has improved every relationship in my life. My father and I may not have had a great relationship when I was younger but the compassion I feel for him today has made me a better person in every dimension of my life. If you want to complete a broken relationship that has you feeling lonely or insecure and learn how to heal your soul through the foundational pieces of forgiveness, compassion, and stepping in to full responsibility I recommend that we have a deeper conversation. A new realm of possibility awaits you and I would be honored to share my experience with you. Send me a note via my contact page and let’s connect soon.
How to Love Men as a Woman When You Distrusted Them as a Girl There was a time
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