Accessing a higher level of consciousness is a journey.

I act as a guide and facilitate personal transformation for those who are passionate and committed to living a powerful and courageous life. Your brain is the hardware and the world is the software; Higher Brain Living is your upgraded operating system.

I Serve You Through:

  • Complementary Initial Breakthrough Consultation
    • Open your awareness to new possibilities as we explore the science behind emotion and move you through the things that may be stopping you. This will be an engaging and uplifting conversation to explore personal breakthroughs in your life and career.
  • The Higher Brain Living Sessions
    • Using a gentle-touch technique in a series of 45-minute sessions, Higher Brain Living allows instantaneous stress relief and access to the highest most newly developed part of the brain. With this energy, we consciously create resSOULutions to move you forward powerfully towards your potential.
  • Heightened Empowerment Coaching
    • Through a 30-day or 90-day coaching package, you have access to personalized support through your self-discovery process. The changes you seek sometimes require support, which I offer through one-on-one guidance to ensure the personal outcomes you deserve.

A special rate is available to those who are interested in supporting their Higher Brain Living Sessions through Heightened Empowerment Coaching.

The combination of physiological and psychological changes creates your lifelong road map towards limitless personal growth and the expression of your authentic self. If you’re ready to stop surviving and begin thriving, go to the Scheduler page above and book your Complementary Break Through Consultation today.

If you feel drawn to this work personally and want to make a difference in the lives of others through facilitating the Higher Brain Living program, contact me for more information on training and certification.