BeYoutiful Life

Authenticate Your Leadership; An Out of the Box Approach

We all desire to tap into our potential, it is truly limitless.

However it requires that we be open to experiences of all kinds, even ones that might seem “out there”. Why? Because our higher selves are often times neglected and/or unconsciously dismissed and thus our brains are wired over time to ignore its most primal signals.

This goes for all of us as human beings. In our current state of technology and a 24/7 “on” mode, our brains and bodies are never able to regroup adequately. This endless loop takes its toll on us collectively both personally and professionally.

Working with people from a vast range of backgrounds, I found burnout, depression, and unhappiness highest in those clients who manage teams, staff, or large groups of employees. The daily workload of interacting, building relationships, and communication all while having to keep an eye on the proverbial bottom line without a doubt taxes the mind, body and soul. So I decided to refocus my work specifically for those in leadership roles.


Align, Ascend and Transcend

It is my belief that the essence of leadership is tied to energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  In order for a leader to forge ahead with his/her mission, vision, and purpose over time, it is important to find balance and harmony with one’s personal influence style so that it positively impacts all those with whom they connect with/to.   When practiced with intention, this process can drastically improve your personal and professional relationships, which, in turn, can transform your life.

Full Day Retreat

60 Minute Transformational Energy Session

Committed Lifestyle Transformation



Higher Brain Living®

Higher Brain Living® is a comprehensive program designed to bring someone into their fullest potential with “brain first” technology.  A gentle touch protocol intends latent energy up through the body into the pre-frontal cortex or Higher Brain. Release stress, reroute intentional energy and recharge your life.


For those interested in a more main stream-based approach to personal growth, I offer individual coaching sessions. These sessions can also be used in conjunction with the Higher Brain Living ® program and is what I ideally recommend.

Team Immersion

Imagine a group immersion; members of a unified team all sharing the same mission and passion to see their goals to fruition.  Waking up to its greatest potential; together as a unified front- a collective energy that is exponentially greater than its individual units…now, this is quantum potential!

High Achiever Packages

Your physiology becomes anchored through repetitive sessions, and as the higher brain comes online, we use this heightened awareness to assess your life in 4 dimensions; these being Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment. 

I am more focused and have created pathways to exciting changes in my life.  For instance – I accept myself as I am (for the most part) and I am open to love. I am speaking up way more and speaking my truth as Michelle would say.


Complimentary Consult

Take Some Time.  Discover Yourself. The World Needs All of You.

Book a Complimentary 30 Min Consultation and receive 20% a Higher Brain Living Package.



My process of mindfulness incorporates the importance of taking the time to rewire the brain and considers physiology rather than simply repeating a mantra or telling someone to change their mindset using their mind. Rather than another cognitive approach to shifting mindset for increased productivity and results, my coaching and facilitating is experiential in nature, allowing for sustainable shifts,  or a brain first methodology.